Behind all the wonders of the world there will be one pinspiring element which could be a inanimate object, an animal or a human being this inspiring aspect is a behind – stage phenomenon , most probably hidden swallowed or forgotten , once the task is being accomplished . I am trying to bring out such kind of a story which depicts of stages of evolution of the classic play nalachartham . The lense –focus being on the girl who inspired the event before vanishing into oblivion in whole it brings out the invisible mysteries behind nalacharitham .


The truths, believed as hidden, are never so. These were reveled in its own way, at some juncture of time; which are beyond the normal predictions. The views of Shakespeare, as expressed through Othello, has not yet been well taken even after centuries. “Yamadhoothu” is being conceptualized with this fact in mind. Here conversation is being substituted by visualization. It will be a specialty of this play.


Magical Realism, a very joyous and challenging approach in terms of the performance language of Indian Contemporary Theatre. ‘Maroon’ is an independent theatrical representation of the famous short story ‘The Trail of Your Blood In The Snow’ by Gabriel Garcia Marques. ‘Maroon’ shows the Love of a young, beautiful, talented Latin girl, Nena Daconte for a rich rascal, Billy Sanchez, their mysterious honeymoon… The uncontrollable bleeding caused by a rose thorn from a bouquet which led to the unexpected demise of Nena and thus marooned, helpless Billy. ‘Maroon’ is the color of Blood. ‘Maroon’ is that state of a mind lost, abandoned and left alone.


Janabheri has the set the ball rolling by presenting a Mohiniyattam Performance, based on the preeminent paintings of Great Raja Ravi Varma. Kalamandalam Chithra, artistic director of janabheri has blended the renowned paintings of Raja Ravi Varma such as Shakunthala and Yashoda adorning Krishna with the artistic and the most divine form of non verbal performance- Mohiniyattam. This new form of experimentation has traversed through the contemporary threats faced by the feminine society. Literature of this Performance is penned by famous poet and lyric writer Prabhavarma and it is amply supported by the soothing music composed by N.K Madhusoodanan, who also holds the position of music faculty in School of drama, Thrissur.