Director’s Note

It’s cold. Cold as blood.Cold as snow.Frozen love…Fiery Freshers…Sweltering Theater….. I have kept aside some steam, Yes the rain has become inevitable.

About the Play

Magical Realism, a very joyous and challenging approach in terms of the performance language of Indian Contemporary Theatre. ‘Maroon’ is an independent theatrical representation of the famous short story ‘The Trail of Your Blood In The Snow’ by Gabriel Garcia Marques. ‘Maroon’ shows the Love of a young, beautiful, talented Latin girl, Nena Daconte for a rich rascal, Billy Sanchez, their mysterious honeymoon… The uncontrollable bleeding caused by a rose thorn from a bouquet which led to the unexpected demise of Nena and thus marooned, helpless Billy. ‘Maroon’ is the color of Blood. ‘Maroon’ is that state of a mind lost, abandoned and left alone.