Director’s  Note

Behind all the wonders  of the world there will be one pinspiring element which could be a inanimate object, an animal or a human being this inspiring aspect is a behind – stage phenomenon , most probably hidden swallowed or forgotten , once the task is being accomplished . I am  trying to bring out such kind of a story which depicts of stages of evolution of the classic play nalachartham   .  The lense –focus being on the girl who inspired the event before vanishing  into oblivion in whole  it brings out the invisible mysteries behind nalacharitham .

About The Play

Nalacharitham is  one of the  masterpieces  of malayalam literature . Unnayi warrier , the author of this great artwork has been opined by a famous malayalam critic  to be equal to none less than william shakespeare . But sad to say , this work has not received the recognition and importance that it deserved not merely as literary work but as an attakatha  ( script of kathakali) as well.

                Though great scholars like a r rajaraja varma and m h sastrikal have attempted  to interpret nalacharitham, it still awaits deeper explorations it is doubtful whether indians have understood   nalacharitham properly .  It is saddening to  watch the indians going away from language literature and culture . To revive and sustained an interest in all this has become the burning need of the hour.  To draw more and more people to classic artforms there has to be more vibrant visual presentations along with sharper interpretations  of contemporary nature .

The play marimankanni is a humble attempt towards achievning this end . It is an exploration into historical circumstances in which nalacharitham was written . Janabheri presents marimankanni  depicting the historicity with a touch of fantasy and adapting a contemporary mood of presentation .