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During this short span, Janabheri directed and staged three plays, all of them were selected for International Festivals. By this the institution has assumed the unique position as the most effective theatre Troupe of India. This is in perfect tune with our ultimate motto and ambition; viz. to sustain an Integrated and Balanced Troupe in the product of theatre.

DEBUT – “Marimankanni”

Janabheri made its debut in Theatre by presenting a theme based on the life and works of the great Malayalam poet of 18th century, UnnayiVarier. Modern Critics rate UnnaiVarierr on par in excellence with Kalidasan and Shakespeare. However, his Classical work Nalacharitham, never came to the limelight of fame as it was never understood and acclaimed by the connoisseurs of his era. It is at this juncture, Janabheri effectively made its intervention to hoist the culture of Kerala by depicting the Life of Varier on stage, via MARIMANKANNI- the unique play-, utilizing the theatrical dimensions of his classical contribution, Nalacharithm. This Play was staged in Kalamandalam, the only Art University of Kerala, and had won the applause of elated connoisseurs. It was also selected for the N. S. D. Festival of 2011 at Delhi ( BHARAT RANG MAHOTSAV)and for the Beguserai Ashirvad National Theatre Festival of Bihar and for the International Theatre Festival Of Kerala ( ITFOK).

SECOND PLAY- “The Lover”

On the occasion, hoisted in memory of Harold Printer- the renowned dramatist and Nobel laureate, Janabheri staged this Play of fame, THE LOVER. It was a challenge to convert the play from its original realistic base into an altogether new theatrical language. This Play was selected as the Curtain Raiser of International Theatre Festival of Kerala SangeethNatakAcademy( ITFOK) at VailoppillySamskrithiBhavan.

THE THIRD-“Yamadooth- after the death of othello”

The third play YAMADOOTHU – AFTER THE DEATH OF OTHELLO is based on Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello. The theme was adapted to the frame of Classical art forms of Kerala like; Kathakali, Kalari etc. and was presented in a mystical dimention. The views of Shakespeare, as expressed through Othello, have not yet been well taken even after centuries. “Yamadhoothu- after the death of Othello” is being conceptualized with this fact in mind. Here conversation is being substituted by visualization. This is the only play selected from Kerala for presenting in the 15th Bharat Rang Mahotsav. By this Janabheri’s Plays have won the selection for the Bharat Rang Mahotsav in two consecutive years.( 14th and 15th BRM)


During the year, 2014, Janabheri is planning to present three productions. First, we will present a Drama based on Chilappadhikaram- the classic Tamil work of Elangovadikal. The theme has contemporary significance as it depicts the social values, status,  respect  and freedom of an Indian woman. We are sure that this will acclaim national importance.

The Devise Play, planned as our second effort, to be staged by the end of 2014, will utilize the higher-qualification-seekers of the field. It will be a Pantomime super, exploring the expressive communicatin elements of traditional  martial arts, physical maneuvering training and folk art forms of Kerala.

Presently Janabheri is busily engaged in preparing the Stage for the National Drama Festival of April 2014; for the students under 30 years, who have finished their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree .