It’s cold. Cold as blood.Cold as snow.Frozen love…Fiery Freshers…Sweltering Theater….. I have kept aside some steam, Yes the rain has become inevitable.

Janabheri has the set the ball rolling by presenting a Mohiniyattam Performance, based on the preeminent paintings of Great Raja Ravi Varma. Kalamandalam Chithra, artistic director of janabheri has blended the renowned paintings of Raja Ravi Varma such as Shakunthala and Yashoda adorning Krishna with the artistic and the most divine form of non verbal performance- Mohiniyattam. This new form of experimentation has traversed through the contemporary threats faced by the feminine society. Literature of this Performance is penned by famous poet and lyric writer Prabhavarma and it is amply supported by the soothing music composed by N.K Madhusoodanan, who also holds the position of music faculty in School of drama, Thrissur.

Chithrangana has become a milestone in Janabheri’s decade longing meritorious theater activities. Peoples from a wide arena including arts, literature and media are unanimously providing a red carpet welcome to Chithrangana, and we are mesmerizingly witnessing this fact. We have intended to showcase this performance by following all the principles of Mohiniyattam without deviating from its basic traits. The present day situation has emerged to its zenith by abasing the feminine society to its nadir. Through this new style of experimentation in performing arts it is cocksure that we have showcased the prominence of women in the present day society and also the benefits gained by the society through her liberation. This type of experimentation will definitely counter reacts with the present threats faced by them and will act as a protective barrier. In this way Kalamandalam Chithra has spearheaded a dare attempt in performing arts. Prabhavarma and N . K Madhusoodanan had ensured their creative support for this innovative venture.